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Thu Jan 20 23:34:09 EST 2005

Hello Hannah,

The anxiety is rough. Have you tried 'clonidine' ?  You will need a 'script.
Do some on line research first to see if you think it is worthwhile for you.

It lowers the blood pressure and it helped me through some rough times.

                         best regards.....Ken

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> I must be really quick cuz I have to go to bed cuz I'm up early in the
> morning.  Basically I've been busy keeping clean ( :-)))) and my PC's been
> down for ages.  I have 624 messages from the list to work through and
> when I'll get round to it!  Hope everybody's ok and happy?  I've been up
> down.  I've dabbled so I guess I'm not clean but I FEEL clean!  It doesn't
> rule my life anymore though I still unfortunately have a few problems with
> people from the scene.  I feel like its ages since I had any but now I see
> it was only 8 days ago but only a tiny bit.  Put it like this-in the past
> 4.5wks I've had it 4 times n that's AMAZING for me.  Today I was
> enough to have to sit in a room with people doing it but I felt NOTHING!
> Its like I can see rationally again.  And when I have slipped its been
> amounts and each time I've instantly regretted it.  I'm down from 8mg to
> of Subutex a day.  It feels like its been months!  I don't want anymore
> though I'm taking it one day at a time.  Most people don't know but even
> those that don't have said how much happier and healthier I look.  I'm
> cut up about being dumped from my 3yr relationship but I'm used to it now
> and enjoying the freedom-my flat's never been so tidy!  Now there's no man
> to mess it up as soon as I've cleaned it! ;-)  I said I was gonna be quick
> and I really must go.  I'm working on my self-confidence and just started
> Open University course so I can finally complete the last 2yrs of my BSc
> Psychology degree!  I'm very poor on benefits and trying to pay rent alone
> etc but compared to when I was doing gear I'm rich!  I can't believe all
> money I threw away (or shot up my veins)-now I can see how much £25
> buys you!  I can't believe I was spending hundreds some days!  I was
> badly into crack aswell so really my boyf did the best thing.  Without him
> judging me and making me feel ashamed I'm a totally different person.
> met loads of new (clean) friends and now actually have a social life!  I
> walk my dog miles each day and I'm getting back into my Yoga and trying to
> eat healthily.  I am taking the odd Valium tough, probably 3 a week-will
> this become a problem?  Its just I still get periods of intense despair
> anxiety, especially about starting my course and they really help.  I
> want to abuse them though, just use them if I really need them.  This is
> turning into an essay!  I've missed you guys so much and always wondered
> you're all doing.  I'll probably have to put a couple of days aside to get
> through this backlog!  Oh and my friend is training in Reflexology so I
> that weekly too!
> Now I really must go!  I just wanted to share the good news.  Its doesn't
> sound so great on paper but it honestly feels like months to me!  I grow
> stronger every day and suddenly I have a future!
> Thanks for caring,
> Loads and loads of love to you all,
> Hannah :-)
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> > Hi Hannah,
> >
> > how are ya, girl?  Haven't heard from you in a
> > while...wondering how yer doin'?
> >
> > love Julie
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