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  Hi Ken 
  Sorry to ask you this silly question , but 
  What are you exactly expecting from this list ?

  God bless

  Hello Francis,

  Well, for one thing.....I hope, to dear belzebub, you never says gawd bless to me again. Please note that belzebub is in lower case. ....also...please insert a smiley face here......and a bleedin' hug if necessary....see, Iam learning.

  What I would like to discuss is pragmatic details of the use of ibogaine in eliminating physical addiction and addictive behaviour regarding opioids,alcohol and stimulants. As I have mentioned, I can wax poetic regarding my own experiences regarding ibogaines radical success in eliminating both my physical addiction as well as my addictive behaviour (opiates)  however, I would like to hear of the unsuccessful attempts and try to understand why.

  I would also like to hear first hand accounts of ibogaines effectiveness with stimulants such as methamphetamine.

  Ibogaine is a rather fantastic chemical combination.


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