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 Also, i wanted  to add that i wasn't myself at all. at that time, i was all strung out and thats a big reason why i can't stand to see or talk to anyone from those days. It's so painful. Your husband may have found himself now. Maybe he wasn't who he was then. I'm sorry---i don't know you or your husband. I just feel like i may be able to relate to your problem. (seeing that I was on the other end). Who knows, maybe he will come back to you. I realize that i hurt a lot of people on the way, but I am happy to be who i am now--and that's priceless. These realities are harsh, Jessica. if you were as supportive as you say you have been, then props to you. you will be rewarded with a more appreciative partner. 

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Hi Andrea.  Thanks for replying.  Well, it doesn't help a whole lot to think that you still don't talk to those people, because i want to talk to him soooo bad.  (we have three children) but at least i know there doesn't have to be anything really wrong with me for him to cut the ties.  The real pisser is that he still talks to the guys that started him on the wrong track, and some of them that went down with him.  He went with them on his birthday instead of talking to his kids (who had planned on seeing him, and bought him gifts)  I just really want some hope, but i have to get it from inside and from what i think i know.  However, this group has helped me somewhat in an odd way.  I just want my husband, the one I thought i married.  He was my best friend.  Even when an addict, and trying to be my enemy (well, not that that is the goal...)  anyway, he too, was a star athlete (pro water-skiier), and top grade achiever.  Went to one of those private schools, and was everyone's hero. 
 Still is to a lot of people.  I work in the town where he grew up, so it really sucks, because people recognize the last name and want to tell me how great he is all day, and i just want to cry, cuz i only saw that for a few months.  Oh well, have  lovely day, group!  I'm sposed to be at work at 8:30, i have three kids to get ready and take to daycare and it is 7:45.  Can i do it?  Jessica 
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