[Ibogaine] Ibo artwork

D H dave at phantom.com
Wed Jan 19 15:19:52 EST 2005

>  But, he claimed there was no longer a need for it, just
> pleasure.  What do y'all think?

I think he was strung out on Peyote.


in all seriousness, I know a few Native Elders on the west Coast who 
eat peyote 4X a year ceremoniously (each solstice & equinox), and 
several other times a year not-so ceremoniously.

Grandfather Medicine... good stuff.

The Peyote Ceremonies I attended were very "old school" meaning there 
was a lot of structure and following of the old ways/rituals - each 
motion and word spoken had deep reverence and symbolism. They were held 
in a gigantic TeePee, and only the elders were allowed to site in the 
inner circle. then there was a second circle outside of that that the 
family members sat, and then a third outer circle where us "guests" 
sat.  The peyote was offered in a tin cup with a spoon, powdered. That 
was swallowed down [gliCK!] with as many swigs of button tea that you 
wanted. 16 hours in that teepee drumming and chanting, with only 1 
break to get up, pee and stretch... then more chanting and drumming. It 
was quite intense. The highlight for me was listening to a 55 year old 
baptist preacher who had never even smoked a joint give praise to what 
he called "Gods Great Cosmic Pinball Game", in other words he was 
tripping his face off with visuals and loving it.

Note to self: Do NOT shoot heroin and cocaine right before eating 


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