[Ibogaine] Almost clean...& about chipping

ekki ekkijdfg at gmx.de
Wed Jan 19 14:32:15 EST 2005

hi shelly, on your last mail you wrote "Lonliness is a big reason why I 
picked up again".
i don´t know if this helps, but there is a nice text i read last autum 
when withdrawing and feeling lonely:
best wishes ekki

Am 19.01.2005 um 19:40 schrieb shelley krupa:

> Hey List, glad to see so many active folks aboard. Guess I'd qualify 
> as one of the lurkers lately, although the last time I posted ,I had 
> only one response..from Howard. I had started chippin' about when the 
> holiday season started,not in the celebratory mode but more 
> like..holidays hurt for me.Of course ,we all know what happens after 
> chippin around.Im a fellow x3 ibonaut ,but cant really take a week out 
> to do ibogaine right now ,so I picked the lesser of the evils & got a 
> doc I know to help me with buprenex,Im doing a taper,on miniscule 
> amounts & actually following directions!Probalably b/c no real HIGH 
> reward form the bup, after no drug of choice now for over 2 weeks  ,Im 
> seeing more clearly how insane it was/is to pick up again,& Im not 
> willing to do the guilt thingy like Preston was discussing,even tho 
> the doc is shoving 12 step down my throat,Im holding steady,Im only 
> taking an eigth of a 2 mg pill ,dont know how bad its actually gonna 
> be to stop completely,working on getting into the right spiritual 
> state of mind instead of the bleak junkie thought process.No one here 
> to help with an at home detox like last time,had an angel ,cant get 
> off work due to unreliable behavior lately( but still salvagable b/c 
> Im catching myself so quickly). Howard suggested the ibogaine sessions 
> in the past are still having a good influence in the present.Still 
> wanting to do another session in the spring when I can schedule time 
> off ,I need at least a week without the pressure of my job (psych 
> RN).Enough about me ,glad every one is here & for some new blood 
> too,Shell

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