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> BTW, when did you self-administer ibogaine? What form was it in? Did it
> you attain what you were after, or give you what you were trying to find
> doing it? Why did you take it three times?

Where did you take it, if you don't mind my asking all these questions.

Orally, Preston......orally.  ;-)

 Was it helpful? When did you last
> take it, and how long did the "glow" (if you experienced any for that
> matter) last for you? Do you feel you got some lasting effects from taking
> ibogaine, anything either beneficial or harmful overall? Any longterm
> effects you're still aware of at all?
>     Thanks for your time and for all the big smiles you keep giving me.
> Peace and love,
> Preston
Hello Preston, et al

I imported a fair bit of ibogaine extract from Indrah a good ten years ago
(my youngest daughter is 9 yrs, that's how I remember). I had a substantial
habit from having access to a substantial amount of H. It used to cost me
$7.00 (seven)
a gram @ approx. 89% purity. When I found myself (and wife) removed from the
source.....the future looked rather daunting so I began to do
research.......and found out about ibogaine.

I did 3 grams first as a test run.......and when I became physically
functional again....I realized that I had no withdrawal
feelings at all. I remember getting up and going to the fridge for a beer
and noticing the drawer with my stash.....hhmmm, I wasn't interested.....on
to the fridge and as my hand reached out for that cold beer......hhhmmm, I
wasn't even interested in a beer. That was just too much !! I worked for
several days to get my taste for alcohol back.

I should also add that I flushed just under an ounce down the crapper (it
sure wasn't an ounce of ibogaine).....how is that for a testimonial of
ibogaines effectiveness. I was quite motivated to end my 'run'.

One thing led to another and within three months or so the psychological
cravings (aka that hungry worm deep in your belly) was strong enough to
misdirect me. Second time on ibogaine  I took 4 grams with the same effects
and also repeated my relapse. Third time, 5 grams (all within one full year)
it was 'done'. The desire was gone and I simply dreaded going through yet
another ibogaine 'session'.

I have 'chipped' a couple of three times or so since, with no ill
effect......the thrill is gone.

The wife basically duplicated the above experiences.

In regards to dosages and the effectiveness of that dosage I believe it is
hard to determine. I wonder if the point when you begin visualising images
of your life history....rapid image flashes....may be a determining point
that you have taken a 'therapeutic dose'  or not. Any comments ?

Anyone with first hand reports on using ibogaine to end methamphetamine use

I took some extract to rural North Thailand to see if it may prove
beneficial for the Thais who are induldging
in meth far too much....but I wasn't able to satisfy myself that they
understood what ibogaine actually was and to make an informed decision to
accept potential risks, so I aborted the project. Self administering, in my
opinion, is fine....if you are well informed.

                                                                    I better
go milk the chickens.....Ken

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