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Kay Lee kaylee1 at charter.net
Wed Jan 19 13:31:14 EST 2005

What has brought me here is a desire to experience an ibogaine treatment. 
I'd give up cigarettes for a treatment. (that's kind of a joke, since the 
session would ostensibly be to stop smoking).

When I watched the film, I was impressed by the spiritual nature of the 
young man's 'trip'/treatment.  I do want to know more about personal 
experiences with the plant - the experience and what it did or did not do 
for you.

Kay Lee
Atlanta GA

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From: "D H" <dave at phantom.com>
> you'll have to excuse me... I just discovered a newly re-surfaced vein... 
> must touch and feel...

Hello ..... all ?

Ahhhh........geez...........maybe I have touched a 'vein' ?
There seems to be  life in this group after all.
So what is politically correct here ?

Stories of the 'life'?
Stories of trying to crawl onto the crapper in a delerium of nausea wash 
from ibogaine?
Stories of how bleedin' ' happy' we are?
Stories about the fact that the 'writhing worm' in our guts (who knows our 
name) has finally shut up and quit saying 'feed me ......feed me' ?
Stories about how we are so fucking CURED......that we can still 
'chip'........just a little bit?

Come on ......... I am reaching out here....I would stretch out my arms for 
a hug....if I didn't truely believe that all 'huggers' are really hiding 
some machiavellian, perverted sexual fantasy........not you in particular 
gentle reader.

I expect that a personal experience with ibogaine has brought us all here. 
It is a  gawddamned wonderful thing.

BTW......my personal experiences include considerable time (years) in 
Southeast Asia.

Now it is YOUR turn to bring some life into this group.


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