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Ms Iboga ms_iboga at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 19 10:15:53 EST 2005

Dear Misstyfyd,

Hi, my name is Julie, and I'm an addict...haha, just
joking.  Girl, I was strung out for four years, and
the whole time I was DEFINITELY NOT myself.  In fact,
towards the end of my 'run', I no longer resembled the
22 year old girl I had been when I started-physically,
spiritually, or psychologically.  I was a drug-seeking
zombie, ripping off family and friends in order to
chase the dragon through the Underworld.  I had
rapidly aged myself.  My friends didn't want anything
to do with me; my dad cried when he saw me.

I used Ibogaine to get off methadone.  It took away
80-90% of my physically symptoms, and 100% of the
psychological.  For me, it was always the depression
and malaise that drove me back to dope/pills.  I've
been opiate-clean for just over 3 months.

I am pretty much back to 'myself'- whoever and
whatever that might be.  It's still me, but a wiser,
more satisfied me, with a tinge of melancholy.  When
you kiss the face of death, you should expect to leave
a small part of yourself behind.

Girl, I would venture to say that when your hubby
finally DOES get off dope, he'll be banging down your
door.  Don't give up hope!

love Julie

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