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     What i said was since i never worked with indra, i'm not sure how to 
determine exactly what the dose should be.  It's generally understood that since 
indra is a 20% extract it appeared she took 600 mgs. equivelent of HCL and for 
her body weight she may have needed 200 mgs. more.  However, i also said that 
he needs to speak with someone who works with the indra because there are 
other variables such as synergy between the alcoloids located in indra.  When i 
received the post a few evenings ago i knew Sara who works with indra would 
pick up the mail in her morning which is 6 hours later than me.  And in the 
morning there she was posting her phone no. for him to call to receive the advice 
he needs. And now it appears she was doing the treatment for methadone and not 
heroin which is also a very different protocol.  I wish whoever provides 
ibogaine in any form at least speak with all parties and help lay out a protocol 
given the absence of an experienced provider.  I never condone doing this type 
of treatment this way.  Never.  But once in a while a woman from S. Africa or 
another mom from Hong Kong will call me and they have HCL and i'll help them by 
talking them through a couple to a few day procedure because they will do it 
anyway but i wouldn't do so with the indra because never using it i'm not at 
all sure.  
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