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Wed Jan 19 03:35:47 EST 2005

Let me be a little more clear.  Actualy I was wrong the guy from I begin again said that she should have taken 4 grams ..I think which is equivilent to 80mg of pure HCL.  So I figure that I will start with one gram wait an hour and then take 4 more and if I need a booster later on Ill take it.  I shure hope it works I dont want to go through it for nothing

Adam <keysers420 at yahoo.com> wrote: Good question.  Im not to sure what is the right amount.  From what I have read online about other people that have taken indra extract wich is 1/5 the strenght of pure iboga , I have heard people take from 3 to 5 grams I my girlfriend weights 110 and i weight 145. I Was talking to tHe guy that runsIbeginagain whohas done 300+ treatments and he said that she should have taken 5 grams, she took only 3 and she never even through up.  So I guess Ill just cross my fingers when I take it

HSLotsof`aol.com wrote: 
In a message dated 1/19/05 1:18:08 AM, keysers420 at yahOo.com writes:3CBR>
26lt;<I wish it had worked and I know that she wants to get off. Im going to 
try the ibogain next and try 6 or 7 grams and if doesnt work for me or I get 
the same phisical effects she got then we will go back to methodone and try to 
get some pure ibogain and try that.

One issue of doing it yourself is, at least in your case and that of your 
girlfriend, of just guesing about doses. She took 3 grams and it didn't work and 
you are going to try 6 or 7 grams. Can you give me some idea how these doses 
were decided on? Your girlfriend took too little apparently and for all you 
know you are going to take too much. Didn't any instructions or advice come 
with the extract you purchased? The first priority is that you be safe. Too 
bad you couldn't manage an experienced provider.


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