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> Hey Ken,
> Give us a hug mate. :)
> Here,..you will find the all of it,..everything
> you mentioned.
> Politically,...nothing is correct.
> You sound  interesting,..it would
> be nice to hear your story.
> Lets touch on the subject. :)
> All in good humor.
>            with love,..Jasen.  Mmmm  :)

Spending too many years in SE Asia........I have drank with a lot of them Oz
fellers. Damned good blokes to drink with. Spend an hour with 'em and they
will fight the biggest arsehole in the bar for you. Their judgement might be
suspect, but gawd damned good mates to be sure !

We don't hug much up North.

I know a wee bit about the politics of who produced when  and who is
producing now in SE Asia.

Gawdamned politics...........but we are here to talk about
IBOGAINE.........and recovery. To give hope to those who are wired and
looking fo a chance to have ......options.

Bleedin' problem is..........being straight, for prolonged periods is simply
.....less than 'interesting'. War stories are always a better
sell.................unless you are selling ibogaine  (which I have done).


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