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> Ken,
>      So sorry you converged  upon us in the middle of our mini
> lovefest......we'll give you a two day warning when the formal one is
> to be underway.  I assume you were referring to yourself when you
> being able to "chip".    Personally I have always had issue with that
> particular word. It sounds so casual,practically accidental and
> unintentional.  Almost dainty...like something you would do with your
> extended.  It's like temporarily holding your brothers ice cream cone and
> licking the melting drips. You can justify everyone of those licks as
> harmless and necessary but the bottom line is you're eating ice cream!
> curious how long ago you did your sessions and at what intervals. And as
> stated" that writhiring worm that has finally shut up" I feel can be force
> fed and brought back to life.  Maybe you've been doing this for years and
> are o.k.  I just don't see it as my scenario.  So how does someone do
> ibogaine sessions and not only has no use for cyberhugs, regards and
> acknowledgments but bahumbugs them?   I feel it is quite possible that
> things are one of the many things that have a hand in keeping me from
> ice cream cones!! Not to mention all the lovely sarcasm that gives me a
> reason to get up in the morning.
>       Hope you find what you need.  You get what you give.  So don't sit
> back and wait to be entertained.  Although Jasen's last post made me laugh
> way out loud!!

Ahhhhhhh.........what ?

Three runs on the Ibogaine and I should .....what, want to hug YOU ?

For me ........after 3 'redirections' I found that I had finally killed the
'worm' that kept saying ....psssst Ken, pssssst Ken ,
feeeeeeeeeeeeeed me. Okay, but after a 'sufficient number of months past it
might be time to time to 'test' the voice. We all know the old
rule.......not more than two days in a row......okay, okay......not more
than three days in a row. That three day run is pretty bloody concrete. Stop
or your are in for the next long haul. ANYTHING, such as stopping is better
than doing ibogaine AGAIN..............It ain't fun.  If the worm is
dead..........I do mean DEAD...chipping on a two day run is not the end of
the world............................once every....hmmmm, three months ?  Oh
yeah, right, if you are one of those 'higher power' schmuck
believers.......well, you just tuck into your book of dreams and wallow in
your self imposed guilt. I have a real problem with that.

                       Peace, flowers and bright green bugs..........Ken

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