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> >So what is politically correct here ?<
> >.<
> Again, you did it agAIN, you've made me laugh out loud.
> I myself refuse to take responsibility for bringing life into this group
> darn it.
> Plenty enough as it is, I'm afraid I'd create one of those Frankenstein
> monster things if I added yet more life to this here list.
> Oh, and this is pretty off topic too I guess, sorta kinda.
> Peace and love,
> Preston

Ahh, come on Preston...........I don't know your past on this group...but, I
got this here fuzzy feeling that you have some great potential as a story
teller. You got to admit.......there aren't many (any) of us who haven't got
a bucketful of bizarre storys........that only 'we' may relate to.

I am waitin' and no place to go for the minute.

BTW......what da bleedin'  'ell is this peace and love bit ?    I remember
them symbolically burying the 'hippie' in SF
back on the eve of '69/'70.  Being myself a poor Canuck with flowers and
bugs in my intentions and discovering that the hippie was dead and the
yippie was born. Aye, lad........may be a tad before yer time.

                                            good regards.......Ken


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