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     So sorry you converged  upon us in the middle of our mini 
lovefest......we'll give you a two day warning when the formal one is going 
to be underway.  I assume you were referring to yourself when you mentioned 
being able to "chip".    Personally I have always had issue with that 
particular word. It sounds so casual,practically accidental and 
unintentional.  Almost dainty...like something you would do with your pinky 
extended.  It's like temporarily holding your brothers ice cream cone and 
licking the melting drips. You can justify everyone of those licks as 
harmless and necessary but the bottom line is you're eating ice cream!  I'm 
curious how long ago you did your sessions and at what intervals. And as you 
stated" that writhiring worm that has finally shut up" I feel can be force 
fed and brought back to life.  Maybe you've been doing this for years and 
are o.k.  I just don't see it as my scenario.  So how does someone do three 
ibogaine sessions and not only has no use for cyberhugs, regards and 
acknowledgments but bahumbugs them?   I feel it is quite possible that these 
things are one of the many things that have a hand in keeping me from eating 
ice cream cones!! Not to mention all the lovely sarcasm that gives me a 
reason to get up in the morning.
      Hope you find what you need.  You get what you give.  So don't sit 
back and wait to be entertained.  Although Jasen's last post made me laugh 
way out loud!!
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>> you'll have to excuse me... I just discovered a newly re-surfaced
>> vein... must touch and feel...
> Hello ..... all ?
> Ahhhh........geez...........maybe I have touched a 'vein' ?
> There seems to be  life in this group after all.
> So what is politically correct here ?
> Stories of the 'life'?
> Stories of trying to crawl onto the crapper in a delerium of nausea wash
> from ibogaine?
> Stories of how bleedin' ' happy' we are?
> Stories about the fact that the 'writhing worm' in our guts (who knows our
> name) has finally shut up and quit saying 'feed me ......feed me' ?
> Stories about how we are so fucking CURED......that we can still
> 'chip'........just a little bit?
> Come on ......... I am reaching out here....I would stretch out my arms 
> for
> a hug....if I didn't truely believe that all 'huggers' are really hiding
> some machiavellian, perverted sexual fantasy........not you in particular
> gentle reader.
> I expect that a personal experience with ibogaine has brought us all here.
> It is a  gawddamned wonderful thing.
> BTW......my personal experiences include considerable time (years) in
> Southeast Asia.
> Now it is YOUR turn to bring some life into this group.
>                         regards........Ken
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