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ummm... actually, I'm here secondhand, and it would appear that the guy who 
was babysitting his girlfriend through her ibogaine treatment is also a 
second-hander.  I have a husband who announced that he was addicted to heroine a 
month after we married (he was Very good at the game), and now he is on methadone. 
 Obviously not the man i thought that i married,  and now, of course he's 
wanting to divorce me.  I have seen changes in a beautiful human being over the 
course of our short time together (5 years, 3 married) and i believe he's in 
there somewhere.  I just was curious as to if anyone ever comes out of it 
retaining some essence of their prior self, and you guys are the first group of 
people i've found who had a problem, but somehow, still have a conscience.  (i 
reallllllly don't mean that offensively)  My husband will not talk to me now 
(it's been 6 months since he moved in with his parents), because of all the bad 
that he associates me with (i was not a doper, but i was there to hold his hand, 
and he can't look at me or talk to me now), but somehow, reading what you 
guys write, the feelings that you are able to put in to words, brings me some 
kind of hope (this is my crazy substitute for Narc-anon, or whatever).  Maybe 
this all falls under the category of TMI (too much information), but thanks!  I 
just wanted to add my 2 cents worth.  
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