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ekki ekkijdfg at gmx.de
Mon Jan 17 02:41:44 EST 2005

i hope everything goes well and i wish you good luck.
i believe iboga will help and do some cleaning, even it may take a few 
days before she realizes it.
maybe it wasn´t enough and she needs a second treatment after some 
rest. mixing with opiates can be lethal.
i´m planing to treat my friend, too, either sara will do it or i have 
to do it myself (depending on money), so i´d like to hear how this 
turns out.

best wishes, ekki

Am 17.01.2005 um 02:13 schrieb Adam:

> I read the help log and need help still. My girlfriend is on Iboga to 
> break her heroin addiction and Im readly worryed about her its not 
> working can anyone help?  First her whole body hurts to where she has 
> been crying for the last day .  she has had to do a small amount of 
> heroin to deal with it. Because the pain was waaaay too much .she has 
> taken 3 grams so far of indra extract 24 hours ago and even thought it 
> almost seems like its killing her she wants to kick the addiction so 
> bad she wants to take the last gram after sleeping a little.  what 
> should I do she I not let her take it will it even help her since she 
> just did a small amount of heroin .... did doing a small amount ruin 
> the whole thing?
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