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slowone at hush.ai slowone at hush.ai
Mon Jan 17 01:23:39 EST 2005

Did the 3 grams of indra hold off your girlfriend's withdrawal 
symptoms at all? How much heroin was she on? Did she try to taper 
down in advance? When was the last dose of heroin before the 
ibogaine dose? How much does she weigh? This information would give 
an indication of how effective that dose of ibogaine was. 
**Speaking purely from what I have read,** it seems like the rule 
of thumb is to give more ibogaine if withdrawal symptoms appear. 
The critical question would seem to be, now that some heroin has 
been added to the mix: how much heroin did she take, and how long 

It may be that there just wasn't enough ibogaine to do the job. 
This doesn't mean that your girlfriend can't do it on her own 
still. In the end it has to be your and her decision.

On Sun, 16 Jan 2005 17:13:34 -0800 Adam <keysers420 at yahoo.com> 
>I read the help log and need help still. My girlfriend is on Iboga 

>to break her heroin addiction and Im readly worryed about her its 
>not working can anyone help?  First her whole body hurts to where 
>she has been crying for the last day .  she has had to do a small 
>amount of heroin to deal with it. Because the pain was waaaay too 
>much .she has taken 3 grams so far of indra extract 24 hours ago 
>and even thought it almost seems like its killing her she wants to 

>kick the addiction so bad she wants to take the last gram after 
>sleeping a little.  what should I do she I not let her take it 
>will it even help her since she just did a small amount of heroin 
>.... did doing a small amount ruin the whole thing?
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