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Adam keysers420 at
Sun Jan 16 20:13:34 EST 2005

I read the help log and need help still. My girlfriend is on Iboga to break her heroin addiction and Im readly worryed about her its not working can anyone help?  First her whole body hurts to where she has been crying for the last day .  she has had to do a small amount of heroin to deal with it. Because the pain was waaaay too much .she has taken 3 grams so far of indra extract 24 hours ago and even thought it almost seems like its killing her she wants to kick the addiction so bad she wants to take the last gram after sleeping a little.  what should I do she I not let her take it will it even help her since she just did a small amount of heroin .... did doing a small amount ruin the whole thing?

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