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Sun Jan 16 07:54:12 EST 2005

Hey list, I just have to say this. Ibogaine still amazes me after almost 4 
months. I was properly starting the day (caught, caught) and watching it get 
light in the woods up here in the Catskills and I came to a couple of 
conclusions. I've said that this list is sacred ground to me, and it is, but I think 
sacred ground is wherever you are standing at the time. Ibogaine gave me that. I 
ALWAYS had to have external things to hold in high regard. Not anymore. I have 
a peace now that I just can't explain. Ibogaine opened my mind to things I 
have ignored for a long time. Hell, things I absolutely missed. I just heard some 
triads and harmonic licks that Mick Taylor did on Wild Horses that I have 
never heard before. I've been covering that song for 30 years. Well, I might add, 
but not well enough. I swear I think Ibogaine has made me a better musician. 
Ibogaine has made me a better person no doubt. Preston said it best a little 
while ago. He said Ibogaine, or maybe he said an African, (I heard African's 
when I did it) told him "You know what you know." That's how I feel. I still 
have my external stimuli, but I'm OK with me now. I have internalized. Thanx list 
for being here and letting me rant.          Randy
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