[Ibogaine] iboga experience & therapy- HCL vs. extract

Jen Reilly jenreilly at gmail.com
Sat Jan 15 05:14:56 EST 2005

Julie, Sara,  

Hi i'm Jen.  I'm new to the list.  im looking for opinions on where i
can purchase the highest quality, most consistent ibogaine product
online.  because of financial reasons, i will be having my treatment
at home, in the company of a nurse.  im hoping to interupt a seven
year heroin addiction.  i would appreciate any feedback, direction,
advice, or whatever has been learned through experience.


On Fri,  7 Jan 2005 18:25:29 -0800, slowone at hush.ai <slowone at hush.ai> wrote:
> >I have used both the extract and the HCL, and in my
> >experience the HCL was WAY WAY more effective.  The
> >extract did absolutely nothing, and I had to ingest so
> >much it was ridiculous.
> Julie, which extract was this again? My experience with both the
> indra extract and my own homemade extract was that with the broader
> range of alkaloids in an extract, the experience is longer-lasting
> for a given level of intensity, plus there was more effect on
> movement and vision.
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