randy/twisted drug heads

m.finman mafinman at optonline.net
Sat Jan 15 00:27:38 EST 2005

Hey Randy,
      Twisted drug heads may be my specialty although if you take away the drug stuff we really aren't all that different from the other folk.  Just a variation in how we manifested our stuff.  Everyone has their stuff.  Thank you for the acknowledgment and yes I have actually considered the possibility.
     I've also think if someone wants something bad enough they find a way to pay for it....... did you ever notice??? 
     It's so thoughtful of you to give me a heads up on that manipulation tactic although I threw away that doormat I used to wear years ago.  Did you ever consider manipulative behavior is something left over from addictive behavior and there are other ways to get what you need? (yes I know you were kidding, sort of).
     Which brings us back to faith and intention.  But that's a chapter I can't get into right now as I have to get up for work tomorrow.  
      Looking forward to seeing you again.
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