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    Are you thinking of coming down?  It's local for me and I am looking 
forward to meeting those I have offended on this list (sorry I have my Eliza 
Doolittle moments) and those I have not.  It will be like a masked ball 
without the masks.
Martee, it's good to hear from you, and hear you are coming to the Ibo 
happening. I want to talk if we meet up. I'm sure we will. Just like always your 
post about fear was dead on, and hit me right between the eye's. Have you ever 
thought about being a therapist for twisted drug heads like us? I'd pay you. 
Well, I'd pay you if I had the money, and if I didn't, I'd try and manipulate you 
into giving me therapy free.?#$ Where am I going with this? O yea, I say we 
rock this mother right, and have a great time in the Village come Feb. 20th. Be 
there or be oblong, or rectangular, or square or something.
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