Copying out of email/was Re: [Ibogaine] Ibogaine conference in February

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Fri Jan 14 19:54:16 EST 2005

In a message dated 1/14/05 2:51:49 PM, BiscuitBoy714 at writes:

<< Julie, I can tell you where and when, but thats about it. The name of the 
place is Alex Gray's Chapel of mirrors and it is located on 27th street 
10th and 11th above the nightclub Spirit. Preston sent this out, I just don't 
know how to copy and send without an attachment. The date that Dana sent out 
Feb. 20th & 21st . He should know, I think he is in on doing this. So if it 
sucks it's all Dana's fault. It wouldn't be, but we could blame him anyway. 
YEEEE ha I'll be there!                     Randy >>

Copying and sending is easy Randy.  Via AOL just either highlight what you 
want to appear and hit send or send all depending on who you want the message to 
go to and then just add your message OR use the FORWARD button and just write 
your email.  You won't see the forwarded message until is received on the 
list or if by private email just cc or bcc it to yourself.


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