Ibogaine Conference - Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at phantom.com
Fri Jan 14 18:53:08 EST 2005

Uhm ... like, here, or sumthin'


Nailing Jello to the wall, is not yet, one of my gifts.  (Although, I 
am nothing if not extremely open-minded and always willing to try new 

The FACTS (We pause now to giggle) ... such as they are, will 
doubtlessly change.  25 times.  Between Right Now, and ... Monday.  
Once things are more stable, and not FLYING out of everything.  Further 
updates will be posted.

Unless, of course, everything is still utter and complete chaos, right 
up until the opening day.  Which would be, about typical.

Anywaze.  This is an EVENT being put on by Cures Not Wars.  If you have 
any QUESTIONS about, uhm, FACTS or DETAILS.  Ask Dana.  He'll explain 

What is ABSOLUTELY SOLID is the LOCATION (COSM), and the DATES (Feb 20 
& 21).  All of us will be there.  So, if you can make it to NYC.  Show 
up.  It'll totally fuckin' rock and be a blast.

Plus, also, one giant, extended, 2 day long, clusterfuck, and the 
opportunity to experience a complete derangement of the senses, without 
doin' any drugZ even...  Though, I'm sure a variety of WhiteLight 
Molecules will be FLYING hither and yon.

I didn't actually say that last sentence, up yonder.  It's an ilLusiOn.

God bless us all, everyone.


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