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 I am new to this site and I am doing ibogaine in feb. Saw your comments and dont know what you mean by dead ends, but I have an idea. Is it the off the wall comments from some people, I guess I am neither not on some peoples level or maybe it is a post ibo language or it is inside conversation, I just dont know. I cant follow what some people are talking about. Any way I am glad that ibogane saved you. I would really appreciate any comments that would help reduce my fear of the ibogaine experience. I have a fear of dying from it. Is that normal .I have read alot on it and I dont see any evidence that it is statistacally dangerous. But the so called experts on the web make you feel like that you are crazy for doing it and more crazy if it is not under stringent medical care. What is your comment on it. Would you be scared to do it again?

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> greetings, 
> i'm guessing that i might need to introduce myself. my name's chretien and 
> i've been living in mexico this past year. i took the long hard road of 
> heroin addiction for 10 years until i met up with ibogaine. in a nutshell, 
> it saved my life and gave me renewed direction and i've been dope-free for 
> over 18 moons now. woohoo! anyways, i used to be on this list until i got 
> feed up with dead ends and no action, just alot of talk. maybe things are 
> different now, i know they are with me. ok, that's my intro in a nutshell. 
> more later... 
> mucho amor, 
> chretien schiffer 
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