Justin Thyme junkieshaman at
Wed Jan 12 17:49:05 EST 2005

i'm guessing that i might need to introduce myself. my name's chretien and 
i've been living in mexico this past year. i took the long hard road of 
heroin addiction for 10 years until i met up with ibogaine. in a nutshell, 
it saved my life and gave me renewed direction and i've been dope-free for 
over 18 moons now. woohoo! anyways, i used to be on this list until i got 
feed up with dead ends and no action, just alot of talk. maybe things are 
different now, i know they are with me. ok, that's my intro in a nutshell. 
more later...

mucho amor,
chretien schiffer

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