[Ibogaine] free,Weeeee/dfs

HSLotsof at aol.com HSLotsof at aol.com
Wed Jan 12 09:37:50 EST 2005

In a message dated 1/12/05 5:54:56 AM, AbbotAngel at aol.com writes:

<< yeah my provider has told me no coffee and to start drinking water now, he 
also said try and get hold of some dfs for any residual withdrawals thanks 
the advice i wont sweat about not sleeping the way i look at it is i have 
been  asleep for so long on heroin if you know what i mean, how is your 
know?? also of people have said lie still, what about vitamins afterwards did 
 you take any????? I really really appreciate yours and everyones advice on 
the  list. >>

Sorry to be so non informed but, what are dfs?


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