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Wed Jan 12 05:47:08 EST 2005

Donna, one or two bits of advice here if you don't mind. Don't eat for at 
least 12 hours before the treatment and drink LOTS of water for two days before. 
Also don't sweat the lack of need for sleep like I did, it passes, and it is 
worth it. I got real anxious about that, and really didn't have to. It's all 
about perspective. I think 2pm. in the UK is 2am. here. Somebody help me out 
here, if I'm wrong. I'll send good vibes and collective conciseness your way 
while you are on the Holideck. I think staying busy will help a lot afterwards, 
just don't push yourself to hard, and I wouldn't drive till I really felt up to 
it, if I were you. I think this could be a great thing for you, and your son. 
Keep your chin up and enjoy the view.           Randy        PS lay real still 
if you can. You'll see.
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