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In a message dated 1/11/05 7:39:33 AM, AbbotAngel at aol.com writes:

Due to be treated on sunday, I have read so much on ibogaine treatments and  
experiences, i am very excited and a bit scared, were you well enough to work 
after 3 days?? I can not afford to be out of action and my provider says i 
will  be well enough to look after my son and work after 3 days its amazing 
every  time i have stopped using heroin in the past the withdrawals peak on 
3rd  day >>

Hi Donna,

I can't really provide an answer to your recovery time but, what I do 
anticipate and would love to hear a report from you is how absolutely wonderful 
(renewed wonder) you will most likely feel towards your child or anyone else you 
care for.  Let us know how it goes.


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