[Ibogaine] HCL (was: iboga experience & therapy)

slowone at hush.ai slowone at hush.ai
Mon Jan 10 22:46:26 EST 2005

>> "The second option available, using Iboga extract seems to be 
>>the best option available yet: it has not got the drawbacks of 
>>Ibogaine HCI, which may be very effective, but is very hard on 
>>the body and requires a higher degree of medical skill from 
>>those administering it. 

My personal, subjective experience is that extract is harder on the 
body than HCl. Also I think that HCl is safer to administer because 
it is more of a known quantity. However I don't think that the 
difference is critical. I prefer extract for lower doses.

Also, people have died from the rootbark in Bwiti ceremonies.

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