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Jasen Chamoun jasenhappy at optusnet.com.au
Mon Jan 10 20:53:37 EST 2005

Hello Angel,

I am still reading the posts and sitting on the sidelines at the moment.

Donna,..I feel  great,..my mind is so alive,..my senses are 
giving me goosebumps whenever I hear or see something beautiful.

I am clean and choose to stay clean. Yes,..a thought now and again
however very shallow. Methadone and heroin are not desirable anymore
as I can clearly see the consequence,..I can look further ahead

I really can't wait to hear your experiences. My mind is still not firing
at 100%,but clearer every day.

If you can, try to change your living enviroment before you take the 
treatment. Ideally moving to another area,..or at least residence.

It is now the 7th week,..still some of the flu hanging around,..not much though.
I am sleeping 6 to 8 hours a day.Still not as active as I will be.I am down to
4 sneezes at a time.(in a row)

I am still in love with everything,..most people cannot handle it,..i find this hard
to handle. I have some good friends that love it,..they say,..your eyes are so alive
you feel so different, yet the same.I can see who everyone really is,..it is so 

I look at my friend and see me,I look at the crows and see me, the flower and see me
I see the dictator and see me, the rock,the beetle it's all me and it is so freeing,I am 
the all of it, like you.

I still find it hard to work as my work needs a lot of mental energy. Studying or 
reading is much easier now than before.What Lee said about your mind taking
6 months to start firing properley makes sense.

Please let me know the day you start your treatment

Life just gets brighter and brighter. 

                                             with love, Jasen.

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  Hi Jasen

  I was thinking about you and how you are getting on, it looks like i might be having ibo treatment soon,how are you feeling??? please let me know

  Love donna
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