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Jasen Chamoun jasenhappy at optusnet.com.au
Sun Jan 9 22:39:58 EST 2005

Hi Brad,

I once asked you if you ever sleep with one arm raised.
The reason I asked is that I have known several people
on Methadone as well as my brother and myself that raise
their arm when sleeping,..this was only experienced whilst
on the 'done.

There seems to be a pattern,...I am thinking that maybe,..
it is a call for help,..like a pull me out of here type of thing.

Whilst under the Iboga experience I understood this action
as a feeling of drowning and lifting the arm to be pulled out.
Like the yin part of your soul saying to the yang part that
leaves at night,..take me with you,.I don't like being in here

It would be interesting to know if anyone else on the 'done
sleeps with one arm raised, or has done.

When you replied,"that went over my head"
The reason it cracked me up was I thought to my self
if he doesn't sleep with an arm raised sometimes,..then
my question would seem crazy,..like,"what's this bloke
talking about?...an arm raised???

                                      with love, Jasen.

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> Hi Jasen
> I have followed your journey with much interest, I am happy for you and 
> your
> accomplishment. A new life!!!!!! I have spoke(on-line) briefly with Sara
> also so have been interested in your reports and experiance. I am
> contemplating making the journey off of 600+ mg Meth. for the past several
> years. As you can imagine I have received much interesting input/advice
> regarding this journey. Fortunately, qualified providers, I believe, are
> interested in helping/working with me. Sara has expressed an interest in
> exploring the idea. I have come off H many times, a variety of ways, never
> Meth. I perked-up at your comment "I got fire burning in me again" that is
> an incredibly exciting space to be, and you've earned it!!!
> bf

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