[Ibogaine] iboga experience & therapy- HCL vs. extract

slowone at hush.ai slowone at hush.ai
Sat Jan 8 14:23:04 EST 2005

Hi Julie,

>I bought it online from Maya Ethnobotanicals. 

Did you get root, or root bark? It sounds like it may have been 
root, which would have a very low percentage of alkaloids overall. 

>Perhaps, like Howard said, it was inactive.  All I
>know, is that after having to swallow something like
>60 gel capsules of that crap, it was a relief to
>swallow only 4-5 of the HCL.  The HCL came on within
>20-30 minutes, while the other stuff NEVER seemed to
>come on; it just made my stomach burn.

As far as I can remember, Indra took 45 minutes or so and my own 
extract took an hour or two. 

>I have never tried the Indra version, as I was advised
>that it is getting quite old.   I would be interested
>in trying it, but only if there is some form of
>quality control...

There have been mixed reports. The maker of indra, Carl, has said 
that the original whole batch was homogeneous, and has suggested 
that the negative reports may be based on samples that were not 
stored properly, e.g. they may have been exposed to light. I 
believe this was disputed by Marko, based on lab analysis of a few 
samples showing variable alkaloid content. I can vouch for 40g that 
I got directly from Indra in Copenhagen, and Sara has used indra 
that I believe she got directly from Carl extensively.

>How did you make your own extract?

Soaked powdered root bark in vodka with lemon juice for a couple of 
weeks, shaking once or twice a day. Strained the liquid, evaporated 
off the alcohol at low heat. Drank the black liquid. (It was very 
strong and also burned my stomach considerably. I vomited soon 
after it began to come on, and the experience immediately subsided. 
Estimated 36 mg/kg.) Soaked the root bark a second time for a year 
without much shaking, this time evaporated down to a black tar. The 
low dose that resulted (estimated 5 mg/kg) was one of my most 
productive iboga experiences.

My conclusion is that one should experiment with the extract before 
launching into a full experience. I would assume 8% alkaloids 
(maximal content) and try for 5 mg/kg. Wait 2 hours before deciding 
whether to take more, or if possible wait a few days and start 
over, to see if there are any interesting subliminal effects. 

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