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There is some kind of "sick" comfort in knowing someone else been through
the Naltreaxone withdrawals then trying desperately to get high/well before
the Naltreaxone has wore off.....

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  Patrick, you are most definitely a commando. You took Naltrexone 3 times
on purpose? I did it once and I thought I would die. 3 times? The overriding
theme of this thread is everyone wanted to be clean no matter what. Aint che
glad that we have Ibogaine and we don't have to do that anymore. I mean, it
aint perfect but it beats the hell out of a sharp stick in the eye or going
through withdrawals with Naltrexone both of which would have to suck badly
to go through again. I did it in a hospital in Erie. They used the
Naltrexone pills to bring on the withdrawals faster and gave me phenobarb
and serax to fight the discomfort. Not enough of them even though I was
seeing double the whole time. Then they would come and fuck with me and make
me go to an AA meeting while I was whacked out like that. In pajama's
nodding out at an AA meeting. JOY!!! I got high as soon as the Naltrexone
wore off. I tried to sooner. God what a nightmare.                 Randy
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