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Fri Jan 7 21:13:04 EST 2005

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>Yep Dave, that sounds like somebody did an Ibogaine treatment. It sounds
>beautiful, I want to do it again. I think we all see some of the same stuff.
>Maybe in a different way, but the theme is always the same. Can you tell
>something? When a person does Ibogaine and he/she is not addicted anymore,
>do the 
>sleep problems occur in the same way? Future reference if you know what
>mean.              Randy

I have too few examples to draw conclusions but, elimination for sleep is 
seen in both dependent and non dependent individuals after ibogaine.  The 
difference may be in interpretation where the dependent individual classifies lack of 
ability to sleep as a sign of withdrawal and a problem while the non 
dependent individual, based on age and health, may view it only as a lack of need for 
sleep and, not a problem.  In many cases problems are what we make of them.  
And of course I am as guilty as anyone.


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