[Ibogaine] iboga experience & therapy- HCL vs. extract

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>> Also,
>> If the nor ibogaine is so effective  in stopping the
>> craving then why from
>> my personal experience and others
>>  people relapsed right after using HCL, where is the
>> working of the nor
>> ibogaine then? The glow didn't come, how comes? Even
>> when it was HCl spent
>> 12,000 dollars for a treatment relapsed right after.
>I have used both the extract and the HCL, and in my
>experience the HCL was WAY WAY more effective.  The
>extract did absolutely nothing, and I had to ingest so
>much it was ridiculous.  After 7-8 hours of waiting
>for the extract to kick in, I finally made myself sick
>to get the burning, queasy, nauseous sensation out of
>my stomach.  HCL is, in my opinion, smoother, more
>reliable and more effective.  I have not relapsed, and
>it's been 3 months since I was treated with HCL.  I
>only paid $1000.

Hi Julie,

Just a few comments.  1) Unless you were able to test the extract you had it i
s possible that the extract you had was inactive.  2) As for noribogaine I am 
uncertain if it is a long acting metabolite or not.  I mean it is an 
interesting claim but, Glick's theory that ibogaine is sequestered in fat and released 
over time is more likely.  When the liver coverts ibogaine to noribogaine, 
the noribogaine levels are somewhat higher than the ibogaine levels and may be 
detected for some time longer than ibogaine would be but, that is not because 
it is longer lasting.  Unpublished results have found that noribogaine was 
rapidly eliminated and as it is water soluble, unlike ibogaine it is not 
sequestered in fat.  No one has published data indicating noribogaine is long lasting, 
only that when ibogaine is administered, nor is detected in some persons for 
longer periods than ibogaine and that is explained by Glick's theory of 
ibogaine being sequestered in fat. Don't you think it strange that no research has 
been published showing noribogaine to be administered and to be long lasting?

Most likely the best results are achieved by the natural combination of 
ibogaine and metabolized noribogaine concurrently.  Sara may be getting better 
results with her extract because it may come from more reliable sources.  Even in 
the regulated drug industry periodically batches of poor quality goods make it 
to market.

One cannot argue with a quality product and one cannot demean enough a poor 
quality product.  Reliable sources are always important.

I think it all comes to the quality of the product and the quality of the 
care that is given and the time that is provided to such care and the repetition 
of dosing as may be needed.  My bet is that there is good HCl and good extract 
as well as, poor examples of each. And, then there are individual and diverse 
responses that are normal to medicine as well as completely atypical 
responses to any drug.  


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