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ekki ekkijdfg at gmx.de
Fri Jan 7 17:22:56 EST 2005

Am 07.01.2005 um 11:26 schrieb AbbotAngel at aol.com:

> Ekki
> God you were so lucky, im glad everything turned out ok for you.  Do 
> you think it wise to do this to your girlfriend, I say this because I 
> wanted to self administer and everyone who has taken ibo advised 
> against it, but you did it and you are clean!! One guy did self 
> administer and it did not work, In your oppinion would you say it 
> would be ok to self adminiter???  I hope all goes well with your 
> girlfriend and well done im so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Donna

hello donna

thank you for your kind words.

obviously my self-administration was not responsible or save.
the opinions of other people on this list, who have more experience, 
may be more profund than mine.
also no one wants to be blamed if anything goes wrong with you.

first read all info on the www in case you haven´t jet. then there 
should be someone around to look after you, provide herbal tea or 
whatever, empty the vomit in the bukett and make sure you don´t fall on 
the floor when using the toilet. your heart must be ok, on ibo mine was 
pumping like a 4tothefloor bassdrum. you should increase the amount you 
take very slowly and stop when you are tripping or at least got rid of 
withdrawal symtoms.
i ate the extract spoonwise with tea until after two hours i started to 
puke and couldn´t take anymore. it felt like my body decided that it 
was enough and i was already tripping. when i took more later on i felt 
i was loosing control so i did throw the rest away. the ibo was hard on 
body and mind, but i didn´t want it to stop.
make sure there are no drugs around and don´t cop the next 7 or 10 
days, even when you think the ibo hasn´t worked. it might kill you like 
it nearly killed me.

i´m still exited about the ibo and feel stable and energetic, but its 
only 24 days without drugs,19 without booze and 16 without cigarettes. 
the whole breaking of addictions was a present i was granted and not an 
achievement. i feel i have to make use of it and consolidate my new 
cleanness, because there will be other times and new problems one day.
i got rid of my flat in berlin, since my habit was closly related to 
this city, and i won´t visit for say 3 years. i go for healthy veg. 
food, physical exercises, getting busy at university, meditation, 
walking around in the woods, making music, meeting new people that are 
not junkies etc.

about the girl: if we get her family to pay for a professional 
treatment, then she will do it. if not, then i will very carefully 
administer it at my place.

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