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One Pill Makes You Better

  By  Vince Beiser, Sacramento News & Review. Posted January 6, 2005.

Drug and alcohol addicts are crossing the border to try an addiction 
treatment called ibogaine, a powerful hallucinogen that is banned in 
the US.

  The first thing was a loud buzzing in his ears, as though a swarm of 
bees was swirling around his head. Then the hallucinations kicked in. 
The patterns in the blanket tacked to the ceiling above him glowed 
vibrantly and then began transforming into the faces of members of his 
family, faces that turned themselves inside-out and back again. He saw 
his father finding him dead with a needle in his arm. He saw himself in 
a beautiful field of flowers. He saw Jesus standing outside the Earth, 
creating different races of men and placing them on different 

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