[Ibogaine] Fwd: Re: [ibogaine] Detox'd to Death by Dr. Death

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at phantom.com
Fri Jan 7 12:27:47 EST 2005

On Jan 7, 2005, at 10:15 AM, Brad Fisher wrote:

> I wanted very badly to have the Dr., who at the time was head of the 
> Pain
> Mgmt. Dept. at the hospital where the procedure was done, to have to 
> go thru
> what I had just gone thru!!!!!! He would walk into my room with this
> (shit-eatin) grin on his face and ask if I was ready to go home???? 
> They
> were planning to send me home the same afternoon of the procedure, 
> telling
> me I would be hungry for dinner. They did kick me out the next day, I 
> spent
> the next 5-6 days in my room at home in bed. My wife told me later 
> that my
> youngest daughter, 11-12 at the time, said to her one day" Dad's dying 
> isn't
> he!" The room they used in the hospital was on the top floor at one 
> end, as
> far from other patients as possible. I should have understood then.
> bf

Yeah ... complete summary of UROD: Welcome to Clockwork Orange.  You 
are there.  'Cept, you've got so much self-hate and desperation going 
that you are actually paying someone to do this to you...

I was stupid enough to try it twice.  Obviously, it's my fault.  And 
... ya know, partially it was.  No, it doesn't "work" worth a shit.  
Neither did the next 3 times when I tried the home version of UROD 
(naltrexone, handful of Xanax + clonidine).


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