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Fri Jan 7 10:54:50 EST 2005

hey Patrick or anyone else
 Resnick had me try the black box. He was the only Dr here in the states with it back in 94ish andit was a joke. Despite it's ineffectiveness He did help me through a quick strictly dope detox and for that i can only be grateful ....of course i picked up again as soon as the authorities were off my back.
Black Box didn't do dick
he was also doing bupe treatments....they lined up at the door like the lower east side...hmmm
as for me the nor ibo is absofuckinglutly gone but i am still somewhat okay...went through a wild partying week while our favorite band was here in town for a few gigs ending their run at Radio city for nye...i was offered oxy's and other yummy temptations but no takers on that it was strictly a psychedelic ride for this boy but the boredom of being out of work is killing me almost to the point i want to watch TV again oh no!!
i am gong back to work on Monday so hopefully....
I kind of am thinking a small dose of ibo is in order,mmmmmmm
Patrick your writing about it takinga full 6 months to get the brain firing correctly again is the most realistic thing i have read it aint no 6-8 week deal at least for this 45 year old head
and Dana hope all went greatthis morning at the hearings you rock again....
Freaking Freely not out still

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