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Brad Fisher brad.fisher at guaranty.com
Fri Jan 7 10:15:51 EST 2005

I wanted very badly to have the Dr., who at the time was head of the Pain
Mgmt. Dept. at the hospital where the procedure was done, to have to go thru
what I had just gone thru!!!!!! He would walk into my room with this
(shit-eatin) grin on his face and ask if I was ready to go home???? They
were planning to send me home the same afternoon of the procedure, telling
me I would be hungry for dinner. They did kick me out the next day, I spent
the next 5-6 days in my room at home in bed. My wife told me later that my
youngest daughter, 11-12 at the time, said to her one day" Dad's dying isn't
he!" The room they used in the hospital was on the top floor at one end, as
far from other patients as possible. I should have understood then.

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Patrick, wake up! :) You've been in wired 10 times, I think their UROD
article deserves a rebuttal!

You've had UROD two or three times, you're the ibogaine poster child,
you've been featured in Wired with MindVox mad times.

Do something!


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> On [Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 01:17:21PM -0500], [Dana Beal] wrote:
> | Patrick calls this guy "Dr. Death."  Lance Gooberman, I mean.
> | Trexan's a Dupont product, BTW.
> |
> | Dana/cnw
> Gooberman is a total and absolute fuckhead.  Resnick and Gooberman
> are
> --
> or were -- the two main detox doctors in the NYC area roughly 5 years
> back.  Resnick is, well, whatever.  He's okay.  He may or may not
> take
> various actions that are highly questionable in terms of how he
> dispenses
> "medication," which is entirely between him and whomever is
> attempting
> to
> prosecute him; but he's an okay person and NOT totally full of shit.
> Lance invented the whole entire assembly-line UROD conveyor belt
> paradigm;
> junkie in one end --> UROD --> <presto!> You are CURED!  spin
> control,
> and
> plastered huge billboards all over sugar hill, spanish harlem, and
> Hunt's
> Point advertising his shit.  While Andre Waismann invented UROD,
> Lance
> is
> the one who made it highly popular, very profitable, and totally
> sleazy.
> Most of his former clients have expressed the general wish that it'd
> be
> karmically correct to get Lance strung out, and then repeatedly detox
> him
> using his own methodology.
> I can't find any fault with that line of reasoning.
> Patrick

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