[Ibogaine] HCL (was: iboga experience & therapy)

ekki ekkijdfg at gmx.de
Fri Jan 7 05:11:48 EST 2005

hallo peter,
i don´t know if hcl is better. i got an email with the following info:

"The second option available, using Iboga extract seems to be the best 
option available yet: it has not got the drawbacks of Ibogaine HCI, 
which may be very effective, but is very hard on the body and requires 
a higher degree of medical skill from those administering it. Among the 
severe effects of HCI are respiratory problems, heart problems and 
kidney or liver problems. In fact, I am presuming that all of the 
recorded deaths to date occurred as a result of the administration of 
HCI. One other problem that has been mentioned by suppliers of the 
basic materials for HCI production is that toxic plants can pollute the 
quality of both Extract and HCI, for this reason they agree that 
leaves, wood and fruit or other identifying material must be supplied 
with the root, so that the source material is certifiable.

Iboga extraction has benefits that make it ideal for addiction therapy, 
because the substance is an extract containing all the plant alkaloids, 
and not only HCI, and it is widely presumed by those working with 
medicinal plants that the combination of chemicals that make up the 
plants efficacy should be extracted, not only the single purified and 
identifiable chemical that we believe is solely responsible for 
breaking off addiction."


Am 07.01.2005 um 09:58 schrieb Peter Haaf:

> Hi Ekki,
> bitte kein Extraakt, gebe ihr IBoHCL, welches nach allen bekannten 
> Studien sicherer und effektiver ist.
> Wende dich an Brian aus Prag, er macht einen wunderbaren Job.
> Peter
> PS. Sorry List that i answered in german.....
> Ekkehard Rau schrieb:

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