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John Bunnyan 's original apology for " the Pilgrim's progress "


If that thou wilt not read, let it alone:
Some love the meat, some love to pick the bone:
Yea, that I might them better palliate,
I did too with them thus Expostulate:

May I not write in such a stile as this ?
In such a method too, and yet not miss
Mine end, thy good? why may it not be done ?
Dark Clouds bring Waters,when the bright bring none,
Yea , dark or bright, if they their Silver drops
Cause to descend; the earth by Yielding Crops,
Give praise to both, and carpeth not at either,
But treasures up the Fruit they yield together;

Yea, so commixes both, that in her Fruit
None can distinguish this from that: they suit
Her well, when hungry: but if she be full,
She spues out both, and make their blessings null.

God bless

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  Dear List,

  I want to apologise for my last few posts, in particular to Carla. I know you were only trying to help. I am afraid I lost the thread of myself. 

  If it helps to understand, in the last week I have fully relived deeply repressed stuff about repeated abuse as a boy by a female and I am afraid that has spilled over onto the list. It seems that my Shadow came out of the bag. Had to happen. I am only sorry that it has not been an entirely positive esperience. 

  On top of that my mother is not well and that has been upsetting me.

  Many apologies once again.


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