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Here's more of you on UROD :)


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> Subject: Re: [ibogaine] ibogaine question seattle
> Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 14:02:02 -0500
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> On [Fri, Jan 03, 2003 at 07:12:39PM -0800], 
> [crownofthorns at] wrote:
>   | That was very restrained Patrick, what no top 100 reasons you
> hate
> | Lance Gooberman list? ;-)
> |
> | If I remember your little speech right bro, Richard Resnick was a
> | wonderful doctor who is being persecuted for helping people and
> Lance
> | Gooberman should be cut into little pieces. Resnick gave you a lot
> of
> | drugs and all you got from Gooberman were 2 lousy urods ;-)
> I didn't say that, I said Lance should be strung-out and then detoxed
> using the exact methodology he feels okay to employ on other people.
> Lance is a basehead (not past tense in the mid-late 90's) not a
> junkie 
> --
> that was his partner -- Lance has never been sprung.
> He's also a piece of shit, and an idiot.  Having said all that I am 
> unsure
> that I could wish anything worse upon him that what he already lives
> within every day of his life.  He's THE fat, bald, stupid, Ronald 
> McDonald
> looking Archetype for treatment pimp.
> There is nothing I can possibly say that expresses any of it better
> than
> what Lance has to say for himself.  What is stunning and absolutely 
> blows
> my mind, is how proud he is of creating this little paradigm, and so
> loving it that he has willingly filled his mind with this shit,
> crawled
> inside it, and appears to be happy living locked inside a box and
> ruled 
> by
> fear.
> This is Lance Gooberman's headspace, he splatters it all over the
> place
> and spends all his free time attempting to inflict his beliefs upon 
> anyone
> stupid enough to want a UROD.
> 152 slides of the contents of Lance's head.  Truly a beautiful place,
> filled with a lot of beauty, strength and hope:
> Apocalyptic visions of hell filled with infernos and legions of
> demons,
> are all pretty cartoony, videogame-like, and ultimately
> fun!@#121!@!!!!!
> What's really at the very deepest, darkest, heart of darkness, is a 
> little
> room with Lance Gooberman inside of it, where you will sit and listen
> to
> him talk bullshit for All Eternity -- or longer, if at all possible
> --
> while going through withdrawal.  And every time you kill him, all the
> pieces reassemble until you wind up with an endless ocean of Lance
> Gooberman's who will simply not shut the fuck up.
> I am highly resentful of having had to waste a fucking HUGE amount of
> processing time on the Cosmic CPU just to strip all that shit out of
> my
> mind, and set fire to it.
> All of which is a long way of saying I hate Lance Gooberman, and
> believe
> he should burst into fucking flames and die.  But in a loving, 
> nurturing,
> compassionate way.
> 	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-	-
> Resnick is nothing whatsoever like this.  He's a reasonably smart guy
> and
> a decent person.  All he did was flip through my list of former
> shrinks
> and treatment pimps, arrive at the conclusion that nothing he said to
> me
> was gonna make much of a dent, explained all the options for the 
> different
> things he does, and asked me what I wanted to try.
> Well, everything of course!  Why else would I possibly be wandering
> through this headspace if I didn't want all experience?
> He gets harassed because he has an, uhm, arrangement to do various
> studies.  He doesn't write for narcotic analgesics, he just goes into
> the
> magical room, and then throws handfuls of nEaT DruGZ at you.  Then
> every
> so often one of his clients gets busted going through a metal
> detector
> holding 50 syringes and 300 ampules of buprinex with no script, and
> no
> name on any of it.
> So you have some guy with enough drugs on him to kill half the
> neighborhood who is explaining it's all for him and he doesn't have 
> intent
> to distribute and it all came from his doctor, this dude named
> Resnick,
> and so it goes...
> When all is said and done I dropped maybe $15K on Lance, and $30K on
> Resnick.  My feelings towards Gooberman are obvious, but I have no
> ill-will towards Resnick at all.  He isn't a treatment pimp.  It was
> just like, oh well, it didn't work out, maybe another 200-300 tries
> and
> I'll finally get it right.  Catcha later do0d.
> Patrick

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