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Thu Jan 6 17:47:08 EST 2005

Dear Steve,

What utter crap.  Three months of interruption of drug dependence in a 
runaway addiction is anything but a failure and I certainly would like to know what 
Dr. Drew considers "hallucinogen induced brain injuries" and, if we are going 
to talk science what baseline evaluation he had on these patients.  Yes, Dr. 
Drew is quite scary.


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Ibogaine is heavy shit, eh? A while ago I contacted Dr. Drew from that radio 
show 'love-line' about ibo. He works by day at a drug clinic. I thought it 
would help the cause to have a national known addiction specialist work with 
it. He did and this is what he wrote me about his experience:

 I have now had two cases since we have begun exchanging emails who had been 
treated with Ibogaine.  I am sorry to say that both were abject and scary 
failures.  Indeed, both were able to stop doing drugs seemingly 
spontaneously for three months after the the Ibogaine but both drifted 
slowly back to their disease at still greater intensity.  The scary thing is 
that both had evidence of hallucinogen induced brain injuries.  They were 
both opiate addicts and had never done any other drugs known to injure the 
brain in this way. 

Scary, eh?

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