[Ibogaine] Hey Steve.

Peter Haaf peter.haaf at schokofabrik-studio.de
Thu Jan 6 12:31:20 EST 2005

Hi Steve,

just had my treeatment, at my home place in germany. It was done by 
Brian, a remarkable man. Why don`t you
travel to Prague, book a hotel room and have your treatment done in 
europe, where no legal problems can araise ?

I was on 4mg Subutex the last week before the treatment (8mg before) and 
now i have no need, no wish to take anything
also i have very little body problems, feels like a floo, nothing 
serious, nothing to worry about. My mind does not bring
the two things together. I simply feel wonderful, born again.


Jasen Chamoun schrieb:

> Hey Steve,
> Your excited are you,..I understand,.I am still excited. :)
> I did my treatment in Holland, Amsterdam. All I can say
> is  WOW.
> I took Iboga which is the whole plant extract,..and took this
> extract with a remarkable woman called Sara.
> I hear Ibogaine is also great.
> Sara is in Amsterdam,..her basic treatment is 1500 Euro.
> It is done in a family environment, which for me was
> wholesome and healing.
> The price includes home cooked meals and accommodation.
> Sara even picks you up from the airport,you are very well
> looked after. Sara is a Shaman healer.
> The Iboga took away a lot of the underlying reasons to
> be anesthetised, it worked beautifully for me.
> The first few days of taking iboga I had no withdrawals,
> then I started to get up to 15% withdrawals,..however they
> were shallow,..not annoying me on an emotional or soul
> level. Like I had the flu and new it would pass.
> As the saying goes,"this too shall pass"
> I was also on Methadone,..which takes longer
> to come off.
> The Iboga filled me with love untill I overflowed, it
> showed me many things,..confirmed things I felt
> to be true,..and also showed me situations where I thought I
> was so right,..when I was so so wrong.
> There are many beautiful people on this list that will assist
> you,..if they could they would reach inside you and pull out
> all the hurt, blockages and clear your addiction.
> Iboga did this for me,.allot of beautiful people put there
> hands inside me and pulled out all the sh*t,..90% of it.
> I believe the Iboga doesn't take it all away for a reason,
> it leaves a little behind,..I believe,..so you have something
> strong to rise up from,..like the yin changing to the yang.
> I don't know about the treatment you speak off, however
> I have tried many and this is the only one that has worked for me.
> If we talk on the list,it may help others that are thinking of doing 
> this treatment.
> I am excited Steve.
>                                   with love.Jasen.
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>     Jason,
>            Thanks so much!!! You have to know how excited that I am
>     getting right now with all this positive feedback. I really want
>     off this stuff. Even though I believe that I actually use for the
>     next year without trouble. I dont care. I can easily afford my
>     habit which is about $100 a day. I am not a veteran drug guy. I
>     never even tried a drug until 3 years ago and I was 37. Most
>     people that I read about has had this problrm for years. But I
>     recognize it has to stop NOW!!! Please tell me as much as you can
>     about where you did it? How was it? How much did it cost? Did you
>     have any Withdraws during it? After it? Are you Struggling
>     now? Jusy anything that you can help me. GOD will bless you for
>     helping people and I promise I am going to help people. I have
>     access to money to help promote this more if it helps me the way
>     that it has you. By the way is this definitely the best way .Is
>     the Anesthnesia Rapid detox better or worse or what. I know I am
>     asking alot but if you dont mind I would love your number so that
>     we could talk(I am not a stalker just very excited) or I can give
>     you mine.  Just let me know .
>                              With Love,
>                             Steve

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