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Patrick K. Kroupa digital at phantom.com
Tue Jan 4 17:43:16 EST 2005

On Jan 4, 2005, at 3:12 PM, Carla Barnes wrote:

> Patrick what are the other lists here besides
> sacrament?
> The only thing that has ever truly offended me here
> are the little kids who feel the need to repost
> rotten.com pictures to this list. Hi, I know Patrick
> is friends with the person who runs rotten. I know
> they've been friends since they were both little kids.
> But neither Patrick or the person who runs rotten.com
> has ever seen the need to post their pictures to this
> list. I personally find them disgusting and if someone
> wants to view rotten.com they can go view it, I do not
> need to open my email and see little boys with Jesus
> on the ibogaine list. I think being openly disruptive
> for no reason is the one reason that someone should be
> thrown off this list.

Right now the only two "ibogaine" lists open are ThE lIsT (this one) 
and Sacrament.  We nearly opened an after-ibogaine list, but after 
kicking it back and forth with various people; we decided against it.

I mean, I can open an infinite number of ibogaine lists, neatly 
organized, sorted into sub-categories, alphabetized, color-coded, and 
Perfectly Aligned so all the LABELS are FACING in the SAME DIRECTION.

But all that's gonna happen is; as each new list opens, 25-50 people 
will SIGN ON to it.  Post half a dozen messages, and then start 
cross-posting everything back and forth across all the lists, because 
they realize, "Do'h!  This could apply in more than one place!"

The end result is either: absolute silence.  Or tangled spaghetti 
strewn across multiple lists.  Same Mess, made BiggeR and sPlatTerEd.

This isn't a new dynamic, and it's not exclusive to ibogaine.  It's 
sumthin' that has remained relatively consistent over the decade+plus, 
mINDvOX haz been here.

Basically, everybody ends up drifting back to THE LIST.

Which is ... okay.  It's not really hard to follow or read, presuming 
you take 5 minutes to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of 
your email client.

There are usually half a dozen -- or more -- conversations taking place 
at any given time; which are of interest to the participants, and their 
self-selected readers.  If you pulled aside Any Given Person on THE 
LIST, and asked them what they read today.  Chances are, you'll get a 
variety of replies; all different.

The only major change that'll take place Real Soon Now, is we're gonna 
export everything to a web-interface, that makes it easier to search 
through what is ALREADY HERE.  'Cuz, we're approaching 20,000 messages.

As far as anything else goes, I'm not the babysitter; there is no 
hands-on moderation, I'm not gonna pull anyone aside and tell 'em what 
they're doing is inappropriate.  Because, for the most part, it's not.

If somebody posts random bullshit, they usually error-correct and STOP 
after a little while; once they've worked it out of their system.  Or, 
it's entertaining.  Why not?

There has been exactly ONE TIME I have ever removed anyone from this 
list; and that was a guy who just kept posting this endless stream of 3 
line messages.  And kept going ... for a day and a half.  And he wasn't 
actually talking to anybody who is ... here.  He seems to have 
cross-connected half his address book and just started typing.

A lotta people complained, I looked at it, and he was either tweaking 
out on crack; ran out of meds; or The Planets were Aligned thaT Day, 
and it was just ThaT TIME.

Two or three days later he signed himself back on the list, and didn't 
cause any further problems.  A few months later he was one of the 
people who took ibogaine, got unsprung, and became a positive 
contributor.  <Shrug>.

This isn't the Perfect People in a Perfect World, Aren't We All Lit Up 
and Radiating Excellent Mental Health List.

Shit happens.

You can actually bl1p out the variable called "ibogaine," insert 
anything else, such as, "computer security," and all forums go through 
similar stages and phases.

This is a symptom of being human, and interacting online.



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