[Ibogaine] Out of Topic Discussions - Are they effective for the list?

Lee Albert myeboga at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jan 4 14:35:39 EST 2005

Hi Frances,
I think thats a good idea. I am beginning to question my contributions to the list and whether there is any point. I am also thinking they are way too academic to be of any real use. Apart from that I don't think my last few posts were in any way helpful as I allowed myself to get too personal for which I apologise. 
The list after all is primarily for people seeking advice on ibogaine. Is there room for discussions on healing systems etc? 
How do we best meet the primary needs of the list? 
Randy, any comments?

The Garden <GardenRestaurant at comcast.net> wrote:
Why could we not use something like ( out of topic ) in the subject ligne ?
like :
( out of topic ) Mental
( out of topic ) Drug news
( out of topic ) Spiritual
( out of topic ) Fun
( out of topic ) Botanical
( out of topic ) Politics
( out of topic ) Where to get drugs in the Village
( out of topic ) Shrooms
( out of topic ) Music

and so on .....so on.
God Bless

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> LMAO, Thanks Randy!
> There is a sacrament list here that had a lot of new
> messages when it opened but then everyone stopped
> talking. Everyone who wants to could bash out their
> fight about spirituality and no ego over there ;-)
> Carla B
> --- BiscuitBoy714 at aol.com wrote:
> > That's it, you guys are fucking killing me. I'll try
> > not to get personal here
> > but some if not most of the people who read this
> > list are looking for help
> > for their addiction. Who cares if hubris is the
> > appropriate word. Most of here
> > us kan't spel rite aniway. Much less understand the
> > context of what your
> > saying. Both of you. In other words what is your
> > point? I'm just a dumb cuntry boi
> > and I get intimidated by your intellegence.
> > HeHeHeHe,,,,,,,never mind. It's a
> > war out here and Ibogaine needs to be available to
> > the people who need it.
> > "Scuse me for shooting from the hip.
> > Randy
> >
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