[Ibogaine] Hey Steve.

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I just had to throw my (two-cents) in!!!! I did an Ultra Rapid Opiate Detox
in Portland Or. $10,000.00+ . Was the most horrible experiance of my life.
That takes into acct. an accidental taking of Naltraxone (100) mg on top of
30 Perc./day habit. As terrible as that was it was over at about 9 hours,
like my brain had been squeegie'd clean. The UROD went on and on from the
time I "came-to" and was "cured". Whoever might be considering

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Dear Steve,

How are you?  I have heard Ultra Rapid Opiate Detox is
a scam, and a nightmare.  There is negative
press/postings about it all over the internet.
Apparently, you have a pretty high chance of still
going through painful withdrawal AFTER you awake from
the anaesthesia.

IMHO, Ibogaine is the way to go, especially for opiate
detox.  I used to be addicted to heroin/methadone, and
have been clean for three months now.  I did my
treatment in Toronto with a music therapist- if you're
interested, send me an email offlist, and I'll give
you details.

Good luck with everything- Ibogaine is nothing short
of a complete miracle...another key piece in the big
puzzle of LIFE.

Julie   ms_iboga at yahoo.com

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