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Re-Elect Bush/Cheney 08 Or Else reelectbushcheney2008 at yahoo.ca
Tue Jan 4 02:28:09 EST 2005

    [a(d)]just numbers :

Geyser Full Pure Water Spring
 Organic Manic 
Titanic Flea & Tick Panic
 Rehab Shtick 
Click Pick Doblin Quick  
Reversing Spirals Polar Rolls 
Synthetic War Synthetic Warmth Synthetic Weather 
Electric Coffin Buried Alive Therapy Tolls 
Enlightenment Under Ice Club Ride
Squeaking Treadmills 

   TM’s Cosmic Giggle 
River Trickle 
Cranberry and Sweet Pickle 
Tummy Tickle 
Blow Jobs for a Nickel 
Beams Triple
Buttery Nipple
Super handi-tard cripple

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